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  What you can expect to find here in the next few months (or however long it takes to reach fluency!)

I sit around the Friday night table with my Israeli in-laws and the conversation flows steadily and usually animatedly over my head. I can understand a few words, I know what the subject is, and I understand Yonatan (we’ve been married long enough that I know what he’s likely to be saying on most subjects…), but I generally miss the point.

There’s always a word that eludes me (I’ve usually heard it before, and its on the tip of my tongue…), both when I try and grasp the news on the radio, and when I’m trying to chat to the other mums outside kindergarten.

So here begins my blog, my shared journey, ‘From Here to Fluency’. Having the good fortune to have been closely involved in the creation of ‘English Hebrew by Subject’ its about time I bite the bullet, and commit to learning Hebrew myself!

In this blog I will be sharing the tools that help me, interviewing other people to see how they managed to get a grasp on the language, and reviewing some great Hebrew learning resources, tools, tricks and so on. And I’ll be starting with a tool that I can’t recommend enough. It’s a flashcard / spaced repetition system called ANKI. (click here to read the blog)

Claire Perets, 'English Hebrew by Subject'